Pioneers of Newer Splendor: Economic Development and Social Change in Rural Bangladesh is an ethnographic film project based on fieldwork that I am conducting in Matlab. It is part of a larger research program (“A Multidimensional Investigation of the Dynamics of Market Transition and Social Change” by Mary K. Shenk of Pennsylvania State University, Siobhán M. Mattison of the University of New Mexico, and Tami Blumenfield Kedar of Furman University), that was conducted in collaboration with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh and funded by the National Science Foundation (#1839269).


My fieldwork involved conducting and filming interviews designed to elicit emic perspectives on economic, social, and technological change in the region, including changes in occupation, social networks, health, and forms of local knowledge. Traditional practices were also recorded as part of a salvage ethnography effort. This footage will result in a feature-length film and an interview archive.


The project is now in post-production and should be released in 2023. Trailers, excerpts, images, behind-the scenes footage, etc., will be posted here in the meantime. I am returning to the field in 2021 to record follow-up interviews and additional footage.

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