Visual Ethnography

A Course in Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Filmmaking

“Visual Ethnography“ is a course designed to introduce students to the study of visual culture and the use of visual media in research. Each semester, we begin by critically engaging with significant scholarly texts and select ethnographic films. Then, after training in basic research methods and filmmaking techniques, students enter the field to record ethnographic interviews and observations of their own. After collecting their data, students learn how to edit their footage into short ethnographic films. The semester wraps with in-class premieres. Films will remain on this website in perpetuity.

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 @ Eastern Kentucky University

by Abigail Rhiannon Cain

by Annie Bowen

by Blake Quinton

by Larissa Heslop


Spring 2017 @ Clarion University of Pennsylvania

by Amanda Schmader

by Cody Powell

by Dawn Kromer

by Jennifer Goehring